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JoJo130 8/19/2014 1:27 PM
wow look what i found :O
Deirei 6/28/2014 12:24 AM
I hope it or a game comes to wiiu T.T
White Bryan 4/19/2014 4:39 PM
I can't belive i din't get kicked out aain so I fixed mycomputer yet again and so trilled for MH4 Ultimate cuz it has online play :D
Reltom_ruins1 3/20/2014 6:07 PM
If anyone sees this they should go on the chat and talk to me because i dont have the speaky thingy
Reltom_ruins1 3/20/2014 5:58 PM
i forgot what i said and where is synashi?
Guild News
First Monster Hunter Patch update
By Deirei, Apr 15, 13 10:30 PM

    That's right my fellow Monster Hunters, the first patch promised to the west is here. This patch lets us on the west side of the Atlantic ocean play with our fellow Hunters on the east side. Which means more servers will be added to control the flood. Also this patch lets us play ... Read More

Weekly guild event this Friday
By Deirei, Mar 20, 13 12:37 PM

     Don't forget about our weekly hunt coming up this Friday. You can sign up for the hunt here. There aren't many of us that can play Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate at th... Read More

Dawn of the Final Day, 24 hours remain.
By Deirei, Mar 18, 13 12:35 AM

    Twenty four hours from now the game I have been waiting for is coming out. Monster Hunter Ultimate is hitting the stores and the Nintendo eshop. Now the question is how will we meet up and hunt together? I think the friend list system will be the same as Monster Hunter Tri, and ma... Read More

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Welcome to the Sushi Fighters Guild

    We are a nice, humble guild in the Monster Hunter games. We  encourage teamwork, respect, and kindness. If you decide that you want to join our ranks, create a Guild Portal account then click on "Join Sushi Fighters" at the top of the page. It's easy, free, and pays off in the long run with all of the hunting fun.

    While you're waiting for your application to be reviewed, head on over to our forums and introduce yourself to the rest of the team. Be sure to be friendly and courteous. If you're friendly, respectful, and loyal, you'll go far in our guild. So click on the join button and take your first steps on the journey to the top.

    Don't be shy! Talk with everyone! We want everyone to feel welcome here.

-Synashi, Gobul Supreme


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